Of course, the kitchen hood is a very useful household appliance. It not only allows you to get rid of various smells in the kitchen but also keeps your repair in good shape for a longer time. Therefore, when the hood fails, many immediately feverishly look for a replacement or a specialist for repair. In fact, it is not difficult to fix the hood with your own hands, the main thing is to try.


Of the most frequent breakdowns of kitchen hoods, it is worth noting the breakdown of the motor and the malfunction of the filters. The motor is the main element of this unit, so its work must be approached seriously. That is, at the slightest suspicion of a malfunction, preventive actions should be taken to avoid breakage.

Filters are also quite vulnerable elements of the hood. The main thing is not to forget to clean or change them in time. And then, perhaps, wondering how to fix the kitchen hood, do not have to. Filters are as follows:

- coal; 
- grease catcher; 
- acrylic (disposable).

Replacing the filter makes repairing the hood simple, even for a non-expert. But the malfunction in the speed switch block is already a much more significant problem. The result of such a breakdown may be a non-working fan, lack of lighting, etc. To deal with the malfunction and repair this unit, as well as to analyze the operation of the motor, you need to completely dismantle the hood from the wall.

Further, it is necessary to disassemble the casing as much as possible, since otherwise access to the necessary elements will be difficult. This is not difficult to do, just spin a few screws on top. When removing the motor, remember that it is wired to the control and power unit. Try not to damage them. And of course, during the work of the power supply to the device must be completely disconnected.

In general, a kitchen hood is a fairly simple electrical appliance, regular maintenance of the components of which will completely eliminate the need for repairs.

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