10 The Best Xposed Module

The Best Xposed Module – Modding Android is something that is commonly seen because this operating system is based on open source, so everyone can see the code used to make Android and modify it.

Xposed itself is an application that you can use to modulate rooted phones , and with Xposed we can easily modify almost all views and adjust the Android as you wish without having to use custom ROM .

Like modifying it to create a new ROM or modify it to create a new look.

Xposed Framework
Xposed Framework

For this modification, the Xposed application might be the most reliable. There are many modules you can choose to give your Android something new.

But before that, let’s get to know what Xposed is and later there will be the best modules you can use.

What is Xposed Framework

Xposed is an application that broadly gives you the flexibility to choose whatever features you want and apply it in stock ROM (factory default ROM) instead of continuously flashing a new ROM.

Xposed needs root access to run on your Android because with root access, Xposed can have access to the core system of Android and make it possible to run various modules so that your Android can have new features from those modules.

Some examples of root article on this website is how to root Realme c1 , how to root Redmi K20 , how to root Realme 3 / 3 Pro and others. You can search through the search box above.

The potential of this application is unlimited, and many developers have begun to use Xposed as a means of deploying their mods.

How to install Xposed is also very easy, but I recommend that you back up your ROM to be on guard in case something goes wrong and your Android experiences bootloop.

After knowing what Xposed is, you can now proceed with installing Xposed on Android.

How to Install Xposed Module

If you are sure, you just need to download the xposed installer from the official website, http://dl.xposed.info/latest.apk, then install it like a normal apk, then select Framework, and select “Install / Update”.

Next Xposed will request root access, and make sure you select “grant” to approve root access to Xposed, this step is usually a bit long, so don’t worry if your Android looks like it’s stuck.

Then wait until the framework install process is complete, you need to reboot Android only if the process is complete, if at that time the process fails, don’t mereboo your Android. After rebooting, Xposed is ready to use by downloading the modules.

The Best Xposed Module on Android

If the Xposed Framework has finished properly installed, then it’s time to download the best modules that you can use, how to open a menu and then select Download. Here are the best modules that you can get from Xposed

1. Greenify

The Best Xposed Module You Must Install on Your Phone

One reason many people root their Android is to get a more efficient battery. Android does grow better every year, but in the battery sector it still seems to be the same, therefore the module that I recommend to save more battery is a combination of Greenify and Amplify .

Greenify can actually be used also for Androids that have not been rooted yet. Greenify naturally “sleeps” applications that are not being used by you. If your Android has been rooted and accompanied by the Xposed module, Greenify can do even more things such as not giving any notifications when “putting it to sleep” application.

2. Amplify – Battery Extender

Amplify, on the other hand, gives more control to your Android CPU. Simply put, you can set when and how long your Android is in “sleep” mode, which keeps applications or anything in a “sleep” state even though it should “wake up”.

There are many more customizations available in this module, although by default this application is running as it should.

3. Advanced Power Menu +

Advanced Power Menu + (APM +) is a simple way to modify your Android’s power menu, not only makes it easy for you such as an instant reboot or reboot to Recovery, but there is also the ability to add Google to the homescreen like Wi-fi and Flashlight.

3. GravityBox

If you are one of those who like to modify everything on Android from display to functionality, GravityBox is the answer. GravityBox is simply a very massive all in one tool, from tweaks to lockscreen to status bar and many others.

4. Youtube AdAway

Youtube AdAway is the next module that I recommend, as the name suggests Youtube AdAway functions to remove ads in your Youtube application, so you will not feel disturbed by advertisements again when playing videos from Youtube.

5. Awesome Pop-up Video

Then there are also Awesome Pop-up Videos that are useful for playing videos with floating pop-ups like you can on Windows, so you can do things like typing text messages while watching videos at the same time.

6. CrappaLinks

CrappaLinks is a quite popular module that makes your experience even better when opening a link. For example if you open the Youtube link, then the phone will automatically redirect to the Youtube application.

But with this CrappaLinks module, you as a user can choose which links you click to be directed to, for example if you click on the Youtube link, it will not automatically be directed to the Youtube application, but can be opened for example in another browser.

7. BootManager

Every time the phone is on, there are tons of applications running in the background. The Android operating system will automatically set this background application, but not all will be turned off by the system.

With the BootManager module, you as a cellphone user can set an application by itself whether or not it’s worth running in the background.

8. NeverSleep

Best Xposed module NeverSleep allows you to prevent your phone screen from turning off in certain applications. This will be very useful when you use the application to read or just read cooking recipes.

9. Flat Style Colored Bars

In most applications, the status bar color is usually only slightly darker than the dominant color of the application being opened. Or even the color of the status bar will appear pale, black or white only.

With Flat Style Colored Bars, you can choose for yourself the color of the cellphone status bar. You can even choose to align application colors with the status bar color.

10. XUIMod

Like the module name, XUIMod is useful for customizing the mobile UI system. This module has various configurations such as clock, battery, animation, notification, lock screen and others.

That’s the best variety of Best Xposed module for your Android to choose from. See you in the next article.