Hi friend, on the previous occasion I shared a tutorial to make a smudge painting using Adobe Photoshop. Well, for this article I will share is the brush used to make a smudge painting, Brush Deardoff. A little repeat of what Smudge is, Smudge Painting itself is a digital artwork that makes our photos look like paintings.

Well, in making a smudge we need to rub the photo area so that the results are good. Therefore, a brush that is suitable for making smudge is needed. After I browse and ask questions in various groups, I have found a suitable smudge brush named Brush Deardoff. And here is the download link.

Then, how to install the brush that we downloaded? The method is easy, as follows.


smudge painting brush

Buddy click on the Brush Tool first in the Photoshop toolbar. If you don’t find it, you can right-click on the Pencil Tool, the Color Replacement Tool or the Mixer Brush Tool. In addition, you can also use shortcut B.


Install Brush Next, go to the options bar of the brush tool and select Brush Picker. Then, buddy selects the brush settings and select Load Brushes. Then, just look for where the directory is from the brush you downloaded earlier.

Okay, that was the brush used to make the smudge tool, Brush Deardoff. If anyone wants to be asked, you can just ask through the comments column. Oh yeah, for the tutorial to make a smudge you can see and read in the following link.

Smudge Painting Tutorial:

So first for the article on this occasion. Thank you for reading and I hope the article I wrote this time can be useful for all of you who are studying Smudge Painting. SemangArt!

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