Download Videos on Facebook

5 Ways to Download Videos on Facebook on Android / Laptops and PC

Today’s tutorial is about how to download videos on Facebook quickly, without any application. The term ‘Facebook’ may be familiar to you, especially if you frequently use the internet ( browsing ).

Besides Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is one of the most popular social media . The social network founded by Harvard University graduates (Mark Zuckerberg) has 1 billion active users every day.

Every day, you as a Facebook user will see various posts that appear on your homepage. These posts can be in the form of status, photos and videos.

How to Download Videos on Facebook

How to download videos on Facebook through a PC or cell phone is not much different. But to make it clearer and easier to understand, I will divide this article in 2 main discussions.

The first is how to download Facebook videos on mobile  and the second is  how to download Facebook videos on Laptop / PC . Click the link below  to go directly to the discussion:

A. Download Facebook Videos on HP

1. Download Facebook Videos Online

  1. Login to your Facebook account through a browser (use Chrome only). Open the Facebook video that you want to download.
  2. Then copy the video link as shown below.
  3. Open the site via this link . Paste the video link in the box provided, then click Download .
  4. Wait a few seconds and the video is ready to download . There are 2 video options that you can download, namely Normal Quality (normal / normal quality) or HD Quality (good / clear quality). Choose what suits you best.
  5. After that you will be taken to the video download page. Click the colon as the arrow indicates.
  6. Click Download to download the video. Wait for the download process to complete.

2 Download Facebook Videos with Applications

  1. Download and install the Video Downloader application for Facebook by InShot Inc. through playstore ( link here ). If so, open the application. After that, select Browse Facebook .
  2. Login to your Facebook account as usual. Don’t worry about the security of your Facebook account, because the login page is the official login page from Facebook.
  3. Click or open the video that you want to download. You will get a notification like this, select Download .
  4. Wait for the download process to complete. Videos that have been downloaded can be seen in the History tab .
  5. The actual location of the video you downloaded can be seen in the InstaDownload folder or more complete in Local> Internal Storage> Instasave> InstaDownload (the location may be different).

B. Download Youtube Videos on Laptop / PC

1. Download Facebook Videos Online

  1. First of all you need to click on the link when (date or time) the video is posted.
  2. Copy the video url as I marked the red box.
  3. Open the link > then paste the video url in the available column by pressing the ctrl + v> click the Download button designated by the arrow below.
  4. Then you can choose the video quality you want, you are Normal Quality and HD Quality . Choose HD Quality if you want the video to be clear and good later.
  5. You will be directed to the download page of the video. To download, right-click the video then select Save video as … and the video will download. You can also download by clicking the colon then select Download .

2. Download Facebook Videos with IDM

  1. First, make sure you have installed IDM. I think almost every internet user must have installed IDM, but if you haven’t installed it, you can download it here . Install IDM like installing software in general.
  2. As in the first method, click on the link when the video is posted, for example in the example below, I click the May 10 link .
  3. After the video page opens, all you have to do next is to change the video url from to , then press Enter . Check out the picture below if you are still confused.
  4. Changing the video url is intended so that the video display changes from the desktop version to the mobile version. Next, play the video so that the Download button located on the top right of the video appears. Click Download this video to start downloading the video.
  5. Finally click Start Download .

For how to download videos on Facebook both via PC and cellphone, I recommend using the first method (both via PC and HP) .

The second method can only be done with the condition that the user must first install the application needed, for some people may not like it, but it would not hurt if you try it. Either using the first or second method is up to you. Make sure you don’t download copyrighted videos or videos that violate Facebook policies .

If you find problems when downloading videos on Facebook by using the tutorial how to download videos on Facebook above, do not hesitate to ask via the comment box below.