Download WhatsApp Mod Anti Block / Banned 2019

Download WA Mod Anti Block / Banned Anti Block WA Application – Based on the official website of WhatsApp, if you receive a message in the application stating that your account is “temporarily blocked” means you may be using the WhatsApp version which is not an official WhatsApp application or Mod.

If you don’t immediately switch to the official version of the WhatsApp application after it’s blocked, the worst possibility is that your account may be permanently blocked by WhatsApp.

Unsupported applications, such as WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, are a modified version of WhatsApp. This unofficial application was developed by a third party and violated the WhatsApp Terms of Service.

Download WhatsApp Mod Anti Block / Banned

WhatsApp does not support these third-party applications because they cannot validate their security practices. So, WhatsApp suggests WhatsApp mod users switch to official WhatsApp.

Of course, mod lovers object to this because as we know that on WhatsApp mod has a number of features that aren’t available on the official version of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Mod Anti Block / Banned

Download: WhatsApp Anti Block


  • Anti-blocking
  • Avanti banned
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Anti revoke
  • Maintaining Image Quality When Sent
  • Adjusting the Quality of Videos to Be Sent
  • Send 90 Images at a Time from the Mobile Gallery
  • Increases Video Duration in Up to 7 Minutes Status
  • Send APK, PDF, ZIP Files Up to 700MB
  • Add Group Members to 260
  • Increase the number of text characters up to 255
  • Sticker Features


  • Hiding Typing Status – When you type a message to be sent to the chat partner, your opponent will be able to see that you are typing. Well, in Fouad Whatsapp, you can hide it.
  • Hiding Online Status – With this feature, you can easily hide your online status while on the Whatsapp application. So your friends won’t know if you open the Whatsapp application.
  • Hiding Checklist 2 (gray) and Checklist 2 (blue) – This feature can fool your chat opponents. If you activate both of these features, then when your friend sends a message, the status of the message on their cellphone is only one checklist (which appears to have not been sent).
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