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Fortnite is a third-person action game with a mild climate, based on a model free of micro-payments (free-to-play). The production was created by the studio Epic Games, known primarily by some iconic series of action games like Gears of War and Unreal, as well as the advanced technology of the Unreal Engine. Although the creature here is a fun cooperative multiplayer, history is considered an important part of the game. We come into the world like a zombie haunted by demons coming down, with storm clouds visible over the horizon, the network of portals.

Fortnite PC Free Download

Fortnite PC Free Download

The players take over the members of the branches, who are destined to protect these gates to ensure that none of them are broken, and tries to close the door by using a device called Atlas. The story is told over the course of several campaigns, for a sufficient 10, 20 or 50 hours of fun, depending on the decisions made before the start of the game. Campaigns are divided into randomly generated levels and marked by some degree of nonlinearity – because after every mission choice gets included, where in the world do we want to take the next goal. Demons come only at the time of activation of a special device, so players have time to properly prepare for action. You have to potentially cover a fairly wide area, recognize and then put the fortifications that help them fend off hordes of monsters. There are three main types of material – wood, stone, and metal – from domestic sources (like cars).

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In addition to the search commodity occurrences, exploration is also important because it allows us to find new weapons and plans to allow the construction of advanced equipment. Characteristic is the fact that virtually the entire environment can be destroyed – anything that sticks out above the ground, give advice on using a pick and dispose of other tools. Participants get a fun almost complete freedom, their fortifications in the design, and one of the key elements that built fortress is undoubtedly traps, such as the ground connected to electricity, spikes, mines, machine gun, and poison gas clouds. However, to place a machine gun behind every corner is not made too easy to play, the game adapts to the level of our opponent’s defenses.

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After the cooperative nature of the Fortnite, while playing an important role in cooperation between the team members. Separation of duties is determined primarily by the character class that the individual players decide. You can choose from various “professions” – constructor (build faster and consume with fewer resources), ninja (do a double jump, and he brings strong melee combat with the katana) and Commando (classic soldier, a specialist firearms). What’s more, each character grows – up to level 20 – to give more and more advanced abilities and capacities. It is also worth noting that the player gets available to their own seat (observed isometric), which can sometimes be the extension of such places as the armory,

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