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Hi friend, on this moment I will share a tutorial on How to Make a Smudge Painting Effect using Adobe Photoshop. Smudge Painting itself is a digital artwork that makes our photos look like paintings. Yes, you could say, this Smudge Painting is Digital Painting.

The method for making this effect is rubbing using the Smudge Tool (Yep, as the name suggests). Well, usually a lot of friends are confused in the technique of rubbing it, it must be in accordance with the flow of the face. If not, later the results will definitely be difficult.

Therefore, for this tutorial, I did not write it in the form of text (too complicated later), but I collected a number of tutorial videos from YouTube which in my opinion were the easiest to understand for beginners. Okay, here is a complete tutorial on how to make the effect of smudge painting using Adobe Photoshop.


For this first tutorial, it’s a video belonging to a youtube account called Kang Untung. With clear and straightforward videos, in my view, this tutorial is quite understandable for beginners. Meanwhile, the technique used in this video is.
– Set the Lighting
-Paint Daubs
-Smart Sharpen
-Rub with the Smudge Tool


Continue to the second video, the video belonging to the account named Heriyanto Saputra Mandala. Well, if the previous tutorial was just a video, in this tutorial there was an explanation of each step in a subtitle text below the video. So, you can better understand the effects of smudge painting. Meanwhile, the technique used is.
– Set the Lighting
-Paint Daubs
-Rub with the Smudge Tool
Okay, that was the 3 best tutorials to make the effect of smudge painting using Adobe Photoshop. For example, you have a smudge video tutorial too, you can share with us via the comment column below this article. Oh yeah, in this article I will also share the brush that is usually used in making smudge, Deardoff. And here is the download link.
So first for the tutorial on this occasion. Thank you for reading and I hope the article I wrote this time can be useful for all of you who are learning to make smudge using Photoshop. SemangArt!

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