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How to Fix the Latest WhatsApp Blocked Numbers 2019

How to Fix New WhatsApp Blocked Numbers 2019 – The messenger application that is currently being used by many Android and iPhone users is WhatsApp. So it is not surprising that many users, WhatsApp developers make several rules of service provisions for their users for mutual convenience.

Not infrequently WhatsApp blocks numbers that are considered to violate existing service rules. When the phone number has been blocked/banned by WhatsApp, then you cannot log in to WhatsApp and you can no longer backup data and chat history from that account.

How to Overcome New WhatsApp Blocked Numbers 2019

Causes of WhatsApp Blocked Numbers

Before we proceed to how to deal with phone numbers that are blocked/banned by WhatsApp you should read some of the causes of the WhatsApp account being banned below. So that the same incident is not lost again in the future.
  • Send lots of chat to numbers that are not listed in your phone’s contact list. Then you should send a message to the numbers listed on your contact list only.
  • Use profile photos and post unlawful status.
  • SPAM: Deploy ads with links that aim for promotion too many numbers.
  • Spread hoaxes in WhatsApp groups.
  • Your number is blocked by many other users in a short time.
  • Send broadcast messages with the same contents repeatedly to many numbers.
  • Use the modified WhatsApp application by third parties.
That is some problem your number is blocked by WhatsApp. Notifications that appear when your number has been banned by WhatsApp will usually be like this “Your number is blocked from using WhatsApp” or “Your number is not recognized as a WhatsApp user”.
There are two types of WhatsApp blocking, which are permanently blocked and temporarily banned.
Now, if your number has been temporarily / permanently banned by WhatsApp you don’t need to be sad, because the admin will discuss how to resolve the blocked numbers by WhatsApp that you might be able to practice to recover your number again. Let’s look at the catch steps below.

How to Fix Temporarily Banned / Temporary Blocked WhatsApp Accounts

Blocking while this is usually caused by you using a modified WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus which is a Clone version (Dual WhatsApp).
To deal with temporary blocking it’s quite easy, wait until the blocking time is complete then immediately switch to Official WhatsApp downloaded from the Play Store. Because if you keep trying to log in again using WhatsApp MOD with the same number, then your number can be permanently banned.

Ways to Fix Permanent Banned WhatsApp

But if you are permanently banned you must take several steps to restore it.
In fact, you can still use WhatsApp on the same phone, but by using a new telephone number to log in to WhatsApp. But of course, we have to repeat from scratch again to introduce our new WhatsApp number to friends and relatives. And all chat history data in the previous number will be lost.
So, you can try to follow the steps below to recover your WhatsApp number that has been permanently banned.

Steps to fix Permanent Banned

1. First, please log in to WhatsApp with the number that has been blocked. Then when you log in to WhatsApp and a notification appears that the number is blocked, please take a screenshot of the notification.

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2. Usually, if your number has been blocked, under the notification a Contact support button for help will appear. Please tap the button you will be directed to the help center page and select the Contact us menu.
3. Please fill in the description of the problem regarding the blocking of numbers You can use English / Indonesian, tell us about the last activity before your number is blocked as clearly as possible. For example, as shown below:

Hello WhatsApp, I’m a user with the number 0123456789, I found that my number was blocked from using WhatsApp. Some of the activities that I often do are sending broadcast messages to customers. I don’t know if it violates the provisions of the WhatsApp service. I beg for consideration regarding the blocking of my account.

4. Next, please upload the screenshot that was taken in the first step. You can upload up to three screenshots. Then tap the Next button.

5. You will be directed to the FAQ page, to continue taping this button No Answering My Questions at the bottom.

6. Then you will be redirected to Gmail to send your complaint to WhatsApp. Tap the send button to start sending your message.

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Next, please wait a few days for your account to be reviewed by WhatsApp. If your account can be restored then you can automatically use WhatsApp directly with your number again. To find out official information about blocking numbers, you can visit the WhatsApp FAQ.

This is what the admin can say about how to resolve numbers that are blocked/banned by WhatsApp. If you have questions about the problem discussed in this article, you can ask the admin via this blog’s contact page. Good luck and good luck recovering your WhatsApp account again!

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