How to Increase Adsense CPC

How to Increase Adsense CPC – As in the previous article, I will still discuss how to increase Adsense CPC. However, this time is a bit different. The topic I will raise the results of the personal analysis is by conducting several experiments.

So, before you continue reading this article, I submit that it is possible that what I discussed is contrary to your understanding so far. Therefore, please comment well to refute or the like.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

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Utilizing Automatic Ads and Ad Balance to Increase Adsense CPC

Automatic Ads (Auto Ads)

Do you know the main function of script automatic ads (auto ads) introduced by google adsense? The main function of auto ads is to place ad positions based on the analysis of Google’s machine learning technology.
So, if the google engine detects that there is free space to add ads, then auto script ads will automatically work and place ads that match the interests of your blog visitors.
So, what does auto ads have to do with maximizing CPC on Google Adsense (increasing the bargaining position of ads)? Slowly read it, later you will understand what I mean.
As from the adsense guide on how the auto ads script works, the Google engine is able to read and analyze pages from your blog site, including AdSense ads that have already been installed, except for other types of ads from the network.
If one area of ​​your blog page has been inserted Adsense ads, then it is impossible for the auto ads script to display ads adjacent to the ad.
Remember, all the material (parts) that are on your blog page will be detected including images, comments and so on.

Ad Balance

The main function of ad balance is to maximize the ads that appear on your blog page. If you make settings below 100% (for example 70%), then the priority of the ads that will appear in ads with high cost-per-clicks (CPCs).
However, if your blog visit rate is still low, then you should not do this ad balance experiment (advice from Google itself, you know, if you believe, please find the guide yourself in the Adsense help service).
If the guide hasn’t been found yet, try clicking the Support. google page directly.
After learning the functions and objectives of auto ads and ad balance, then we conduct experiments to increase the bargaining position of Adsense ads or the simple language increases Adsense CPC.

Maximizing Google Adsense CPC

Many bloggers argue that using auto ads decreases their Adsense earnings. That’s based on the results of the experiments of each blogger, of course.
My view is about using auto ads because, as we discussed above, auto ads will look for empty space which is still feasible to place Google ads in it.
If there is a lot of free space on a page on your blog, don’t be surprised if Adsense ads appear everywhere. For example, the length of your article is 1000 words, if in your article it is not or only a little inserted in the supporting image, then that’s where the chance for auto ads to enter.
Because more Adsense ads appear than before, automatically the CPK value from each click will drop. Logically, “the more goods in circulation, the price will tend to fall as well as vice versa”.
So what does the increase in BPK have to do with Ad Balance? This is very clear based on the exposure of the adsense itself through the support page.
The important point I want to convey here to improve your Adsense is to use all the resources from Adsense and maximize the pages of your articles.
Don’t leave too much free space (only contains long writing). Use images, videos or anything that can add value to the writing you make.
Remember, images that are sourced from other advertising networks for now still cannot be read by Google machine learning (auto ads technology).

How to apply this unique trick:

  • Find the ad unit that matches your blog and install it in a position that you think is right before Google introduces its auto ads. Maximize your special channel.
  • Ad balance settings below 100%. For this blog, I am setting 70%.
  • Check your article, insert a picture if it is necessary to avoid excessive space. Prioritize on your popular articles (your dollar-producing articles) by analyzing google analytics.

Changes that will be obtained after applying the tricks above?

This trick aims to force auto ads and ad balance to display ads that are relevant to your article so that what appears is the highest CPC ad.
The following results will be obtained by your blog later:
  • Increase Adsense CPC
  • Increase page CTR, meaning the number of ad clicks increases.
  • Increase Adsense opinion
How to Increase Adsense CPC
So first, bro, I hope you succeed in increasing your Adsense CPC in this unique way. Regards

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