How To Resize Image and Object in Photoshop

On this occasion, I will share a tutorial about Changing Image Size and Objects in Photoshop. Maybe beginners are confused because in almost every tutorial I use free transform and also image size. Now that’s what I use to change the size of an image and object.

how to resize image in photoshop

For Free Transform itself, the function is to resize objects, while Image Size is used to resize images. The two are in the photoshop menu, Free Transform is on the Edit menu, while for Image Size is in the Image menu. Well, rather than linger, here is a tutorial on using Image Size and Free Transform.


For the first way, this alone is to change the overall size of the image. Usually, it is used to change the image size to a KTP size. Now, the way is to use the Image-> Image Size menu. If so, a new window will appear, namely Image Size

Well, in the new window there is the option to change the size in the form of centimeters, pixels, even percent and can also be used to adjust the resolution (in units of Pixel Per Inch or PPI). Please set it, then click ok when it’s finished.


set size For this one method is to change the size of the object, not the whole image. Used in many photoshop techniques so that the size of the object looks according to the image. go to the Edit-> Free Transform menu or use the Ctrl + T shortcut.

Adjust the size as you would use the Crop Tool. However, so that the scale does not change, when free transform also press Shift on the keyboard

And that’s the tutorial about Changing Image Size and Objects in Photoshop. What? very easy right, so for friends who want to enlarge or reduce the size of the image and object, you can please refer to the method above. Or, if you have other ways, please share it via the comments column at the end of this article.

How to resize photos with the crop tool

In my post entitled explanation of toolbox in photoshop, I have already mentioned that the crop tool serves to cut an image/photo. So, automatically we can also change the size of the image/photo. The steps to change the size of photos using the crop tool are as follows:

  • Open the Photoshop program and open the image/photo file via the File menu -> Open.
  • Or you can also right-click on the image you want to change the image then click Open with -> Adobe Photoshop
  • Click the Crop Toll icon (1) in the Toolbox, (if it doesn’t appear to click the Window menu -> Option)
  • When clicked, the crop limit (2) will automatically appear on the edge of the image/photo.
  • Then specify the image size in the Options bar column (3). For example, in the example below, we would change the size to 4×3 cm. Fill in the size as desired (see the size of the photo commonly used).
  • Adjust the position of the image by clicking on the photo area and sliding it. We can also rotate images, how to place the cursor outside the drawing area but still in the window then click and slide as desired.
  • If it is as you wish, press Enter or click the finish button in the upper right corner.
  • To save it, go to the File menu -> Save for web.

Okay, so for the tutorial this time. Thank you for reading and hope this article is useful for friends who are studying Photoshop.

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