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How to Root Oppo A5 and Install TWRP Recovery

How to Root Oppo A5 – The root process is used for mobile users who want to have more access to their cellphone. And of course to root there is a separate way to do it, whether it’s with a PC or without a PC. In this article I have provided a tutorial and download the root for Oppo A5 below, so please read to the end of the article.

Oppo again presents its new cellphone in 2018, on this occasion, the Oppo A5 is targeted to fill the middle segment. Oppo A5 comes with a thin bezel and notch design on the top, while on the back there are dual cameras arranged horizontally.

The dimensions of this phone are actually quite wide with a large screen of 6.2 inches and a 19: 9 ratio. In addition, this type of IPS LCD screen has a HD + resolution (720 x 1520 pixels). As for the kitchen spur, Oppo chose a medium processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 450 which runs with an 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU and is certainly equipped with an Adreno 506 graphics processor.

For RAM configuration, while this Oppo only presents one variant for A5, namely 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Turning to the camera sector, as usual this will be the main selling point of all Oppo cellphone products.

This time there is a dual camera setup on the back, the camera has a resolution of 13 MP (f / 2.2) and 2 MP (f / 2.4) equipped with an LED flash. While the front camera of the Oppo A5 has an 8 MP camera resolution with an aperture of f / 2.2, of course this front camera can be used as a Face Unlock like most other Oppo phones.

While the completeness of the sensor in the Oppo A5 is standard just like an accelerometer, compass and proximity without the presence of a gyroscope. Oppo A5 comes with a fairly large capacity battery, which is 4230 mAh and there are two choices of colors that are quite tempting, namely blue and pink. But unfortunately, this new phone was released in China alone with the official tag of 1500 Yuan or around 3.2 million Rupiah.

How to Install / Flash TWRP on Oppo A5

TWRP itself is a custom recovery for Android that can be used to install / flash ROM, boot image and others into your smartphone, simply you can make any modifications to the Android operating system.

You can also root through this TWRP, so if your smartphone already supports and installed TWRP or other custom recovery, then your smartphone will almost certainly be rooted.

But first, download the following material first to install TWRP Recovery for Oppo A5:

  • Download, the link will be updated soon.

Step # 1. After the download is complete, extract the file, my friend will find two folders, namely Root and Xposed. Open the root folder and install Mitool.

Step # 2 . After that, turn off the cellphone and press the power button up, down and power together then connect the cellphone to the PC with a USB cable (If it is correct, the cellphone screen is just black, nothing happens).Advertisement

But on the PC screen, there will be a notification that the Qualcomm driver is being installed. Click h

Step # 3. If the driver is installed and is sure it is really installed, open MiFlashtool. Buddy will see if a cell phone is detected by the words “com10” or something like that.

How To Root Oppo A57 (100% Success) And Install TWRP Recovery
There is “com10” on the detected cellphone

Step # 4. Then select Browse, and select the folder where TWRP Oppo A5 Recovery Toolkit is located.

Step # 5. Click Flash to start installing TWRP and wait for the flash process to complete and succeed.

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Easy Ways to Root on Oppo A5 2020

If TWRP is installed correctly then the root process is very easy to do. And continue the previous tutorial, this time my friend should have finished installing or installing TWRP. Follow the steps below carefully.

Note  : If you are using a USB OTG, enter your USB OTG now.

Step # 1. Don’t turn on the cellphone, but reboot into recovery mode by pressing and holding the volume down and power button, TWRP Recovery will appear.

Step # 2 . When you first enter TWRP mode, chances are the Xiaomi Oppo A5 phone will ask for a password, don’t be nervous first. Just click cancel, then TWRP will open by itself.

Step # 3 . Then TWRP will ask permission to modify the system, so give permission by swipe the screen.

TWRP Recovery is in Chinese, but the method of operation is still the same as the English version of TWRP, only the language has changed. You can change it to English this way.

How To Root Oppo A57 (100% Success) And Install TWRP Recovery
Change the TWRP language to English

Step # 4 . Then select the “Install” menu, there your friend’s internal memory will be 0, that’s natural. Therefore, select “Select Storage” and select your SD Card or USB OTG memory

how to root xiaomi

Step # 5 . Then select the file Copiedoverover earlier. After completing the flash file noverity, return to the TWRP initial menu and select “Reboot”> “Recovery”.

Step # 6 . After the phone reboots and enters TWRP mode again, this time try to select “Install” and check whether the internal memory of your Xiaomi Oppo A5 friend has returned to normal.

If it’s still 0, then choose Wipe> Data to delete all data in your internal memory so you can use it again.

Step # 7. After the internal memory returns to normal, this time select “Install” and select the SuperSU or Magisk file that you have downloaded and copied on the SD Card / USB OTG earlier.

Note: if previously your internal memory is 0 and it has been wipe, then it is REQUIRED to return the flash file Noverity.zip just in case you avoid bootloop.

After the flash process is complete, then my friend will be directed to reboot the phone. Choose to reboot or restart the phone and wait for the Xiaomi Oppo A5 phone to turn on again.

After the root process is complete, your phone will have a notification indicating that the phone has detected root, indicating that the root process was successful.

"Root Detected" notifications that are annoying
Notification “Root Detected” that feels disturbing

But maybe for some of my friends, I feel that the notification is quite disturbing, so here I will give a way to eliminate the “Rooting has been detected” warning located on the top of the screen of this Oppo A5 phone.

Step # 1. The first way is to install Xposed.apk which I have provided in the downloaded file earlier.

Step # 2. Then copy the xposed.zip file and turn off the cellphone. Then go to TWRP and select Flash then select the xposed.zip file that was copied into the phone earlier ..

Step # 3. When finished, reboot the phone again and wait for your Oppo A5 to turn on.

Step # 4. When the phone turns back on, install ColorOS 3.apk and open the application.

Step # 5. Select all options that smell like China.

Step # 6. Then open the Xposed application and select the ColorOS module to be activated.

Step # 7. Reboot the Oppo A5 phone when it’s finished and the root warning will immediately disappear from your cellphone screen.

To make you even more sure, you can download the Root Checker application in the Play Store to check whether your Oppo 157 has been successfully rooted. If you want to restore your Oppo cellphone back to the way it was, try to follow the link below to flash the Oppo A5 .