How to use the most effective Anti-Banned WhatsApp MOD feature!

How to use the most effective Anti-Banned WhatsApp MOD feature! – Not long ago WhatsApp Inc. has issued a ban on WhatsApp users modified third parties such as GBWhatsApp, YOWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus +. Users are required to switch to using WhatsApp Original which is downloaded from the Play Store so that the number is not permanently blocked by WhatsApp.

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But as is known at this time the original WhatsApp does not have the complete plus features of modified WhatsApp such as privacy features, the theme change feature and media sharing features are enlarged. So, consequently, many users still want to survive using WhatsApp MOD.

Well, on this occasion the admin will give you a way to use the WhatsApp MOD Anti banned feature that is really effective, so you don’t need to worry that your number will be permanently banned by WhatsApp even if you use these features.

Method of Using the WhatsApp MOD Anti Banned Feature

The method we use is we will use WhatsApp Original which is directly downloaded through the Play Store. And to activate the MOD features we will use third-party applications that can be downloaded for free.
And this trick can be used on all Android phones without needing root access. Some of the WA MOD features that can be used for WhatsApp Original include the following:
  • Hide online status
  • Hide blue check 2 when reading messages
  • Reply to WhatsApp messages automatically
  • Anti-delete messages
  • Change theme
  • Using WhatsApp Clone / Two WA on 1 cellphone
Interesting isn’t it? You still use WhatsApp original but you can still use the features of WhatsApp MOD and of course, this method is the safest and certainly legal. Okay, please refer to the full review brought here.

Using the Most Effective Anti-Banned WhatsApp MOD Feature

Beforehand, make sure that you have used WhatsApp official, if not, please switch first.

How to hide online status

1. First enter the WhatsApp application, on the start page tap the point 3 icon then select the Settings menu. Then select the Account menu.
2. Then select the Privacy menu and then select Last seen select as None.
3. In this way, your online status will not be visible.

Read the Message without Checking Blue

To enable this feature on the original WhatsApp you can use the help of an application called Unseen – Without Last Viewing. The way this application works is quite simple, that is, it will accommodate new messages coming into your WhatsApp so you can see the incoming messages from this application.

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How to use this application is quite easy. Follow the steps below.
1. Download the Unseen application through this link.
2. Then after the application is installed, you can immediately open it.
3. This application supports several social media including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Instagram. Then please select the social media application you want to use.
4. Attendant, please allow this application to access notifications that come on your cellphone. Just follow the instructions or see the picture below.
5. Then it will automatically when there is a WhatsApp message entered to your cellphone, you can read the message directly from this application. So that the status of the message does not change to 2 in blue.

Reply to WhatsApp Messages Automatically

On WhatsApp Original, you can also activate the automatic message reply feature using the help of the AutoResponder app – For WA. You can also download this application for free and do not need root access to run it.
The size is quite small, which is only 4.1MB, so it’s not heavy when running. For how to use it, please follow the steps below.
1. First, please download the AutoResponder application for WA through this link.
2. Then after the application is installed, run the application, then on the start page the round button tap is in the lower right corner.
3. Then please set the automatic message reply that you want to set to WhatsApp. You can set the contents of the automatic reply message, set the delay time to reply to the message, choose the contact that is excluded for automatic replies and many others.
4. After you have set all the automatic replies, then the application will automatically run. And when there is a basic message entering your WhatsApp then this application will send an automatic reply that you have set earlier.

Anti Delete Message

On the original WhatsApp, you can also activate the anti-delete message feature or in other words, you can still see messages that have been deleted by the sender.

Change the WhatsApp Original Theme

You can also change the original WhatsApp theme without having to use WA MOD. Especially for you Xiaomi mobile phone users, you can use the Third Party Xiaomi Theme that translates into WhatsApp.
Indeed, how to use the WhatsApp MOD feature without being banned is quite complicated, not as simple as GBWhatsApp. But this is the safest and most effective way that your WhatsApp number is not temporarily banned. Because there is currently no Anti-Banned WhatsApp MOD that works.
Thus the admin can say about how to use the most effective Anti-Banned WhatsApp MOD feature to work 100%. If there are still questions, you can contact the admin via this blog contact form. Good luck!

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