Easy Ways to Use Lucky Patcher without Root

Interfered with Android games or apps with lots of ads? Want to buy something in the game but not enough money? Calm down, friend, this time I will share how to use lucky patcher without root to solve these problems.

Hi guys , back again at , an information portal, tips and tutorials about the world of gadgets. Now as I said before, an application or game with lots of advertisements that emerge is certainly a problem for some people, including myself.

Sometimes advertisements that appear instead make us badmood and annoyed. It certainly must be considered by game developers, yes, they should be able to place ads as well as possible so as not to disturb the users, because user satisfaction will signal a game or application whether or not.

For this time I will share a tutorial on how to Hack In-App Purchases Games and Android Applications with Lucky Patcher version 6.8.7.

Well, before we go any further, let’s see what we can do with this Lucky Patcher.

With Lucky Patcher we can:

  1. Get a full version license from a free application or game on the Play Store
  2. Remove “license verification” from paid applications or games
  3. Remove advertisements from applications or games
  4. Get free purchases from in-app purchases on apps and games

Oh, yes, please remember, here I have no intention to teach this trick to negative things. Try only to use on games or applications that according to my friend provide services that do not wear , for example ads that often appear , the price of items that do not make sense and use only for offline games, hehehe

Because if you use online games, it is not impossible that your account will be banned or blocked , so use it for offline games only.

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Use of Lucky Patcher:

  1. Open the full version license.
  2. Remove license verification.
  3. Remove advertisements.
  4. Free in-app purchases.

Keep in mind that we do not intend or intend here to give a negative trick. Try to use this method for applications with inappropriate services.

For in-app purchases it should be used only in offline games. Because most likely we will be banned when using it in online games.


Oh yes for the version that I use this time, which is version 6.8.7, you won’t lose any data that was previously saved in the application or game you are playing.

Okay, just go to the tutorial. For those with lots of quota, please see the video version below. But if your quota is running low, please see the text version below. Relax, the explanation is equally clear

So here is the text version of how to use Lucky Patcher no root, please listen

How to Use Lucky Patcher No Root

  1. Enable or enable Unknown Source, how to go to Settings (Security) – Unknown Source (Unknown Source). See the picture below
  2. After that, please download the Lucky Patcher through the following link: Download the Latest Lucky Patcher for free . If you want to download the latest version, just visit
  3. Then install the application as usual and open the application. Then select the application or game that you want to patch. The display will appear as below
  4.  Then select “Open Menu of Patches” – “Create Modified APK File (1)” – “APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation (2)” – “Rebuild the App (3)”Click to enlarge
  5. Then wait a few moments until the success article appears, and then please click “Go To File” – “Uninstall and Install” – “Yes”. More clearly, please see the image belowClick to enlarge
  6. Next, please try on the game or app, and try to click the item you want to buy, then the display will appear as below, select Yes and see what happens.Click to enlarge

Hopefully the way to use Lucky Patcher for the game above works and is easy to understand.

So that’s how to use Lucky Patcher without root, how? succeed or not? if successful please stay testimonials below yes, and if that fails please let me know the details below so we can help. That’s all and see you in the next article