20 Best Android Magisk Module 2022 Must Have

20 Best Magisk Modules 2022 – How are you everyone I hope you are all right. Well, here I will give a collection of the best magisk module in 2022 for those of you who already have a rooted cellphone, of course, want to add something to make your cellphone’s performance better and the appearance of your cellphone is also more attractive, therefore you must install the modules magisk to help your phone’s performance.

When your cellphone is rooted it is an obligation for you to install an additional module if you root using Magisk.

Magisk is a systemless root process, which means it doesn’t change anything on the system partition. Thus, a device that is rooted with Magisk can bypass the Google Safety Net check. Safety Net is used by several applications such as Netflix, Pokemon Go, banking applications, etc. All right, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best collection of magisk modules that you must install.

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What are Magisk Module?

Magisk modules are designed by developers to add more functionality to your rooted device. This is a systemless method that does not affect system partitions. These features mostly your OEM won’t have on your device, even if your device is capable and powerful enough. Many Magisk modules are aimed at customizing your device or adding functionality to a device. You can change the UI of your device, change the emojis in your GBoard application, can install third party applications as system applications on your smartphone, etc.

How to Install Magisk Module on Android

If you haven’t already, follow the tutorial on  how to root with Magisk  . If your phone is rooted with SuperSU , you can  Unroot  and then reboot with Magisk.

20 Best Android Magisk Module 2022

There are lots of the best magisk modules for your Android device before you install the magisk module, make sure your device is rooted first and the following flash magisk manager I will give you the best collection of magisk modules, choose according to your needs.

1. App Systemizer

System apps can’t be easily uninstalled, so you get an extra layer of protection for security apps. Some utilities, such as battery optimizer, work better with extra privileges granted to system apps. And it also works great for apps running all the time, like third-party launchers.

App Systemizer doesn’t change the system partition, so you can’t use it to save space in your phone’s internal storage. The app will update automatically via the Play Store, as usual.

Download App Systemizer

2. Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android is the best sound equalizer app for your Android phone. This lets you increase the bass, the treble tone, or increase the maximum volume of your phone while minimizing distortion. And it’s only for beginners. This is a very powerful tool if you invest some time in it.

The best part about Viper4Android is that it lets you create sound profiles for different output devices. What works best for your phone’s built-in speakers is unlikely to match your expensive in-car headphones or audio system. That’s no longer important with this app – just create a profile for each and adjust the settings separately.

Download Module ViPER4Android FX Magic

3. Pix3lify

The Pix3lify module brings a number of features from Google’s own Pixel devices to every other Android phone.

Additions range from new Product Sans system fonts, new alarms, and new wallpapers to more advanced tools such as the Camera2 API to enable RAW shooting, plus VR support. You also get access to Google’s neat Call Screening service

Download Module Magic Pix3lify

4. Bixby Button Remapper

Bixby is Samsung’s somewhat controversial attempt at building a smart assistant. This is controversial because while it is not quite as good as the Google Assistant – which is already available on every Android phone – it has a dedicated hardware button on the side of the Galaxy device.

If you don’t want to use Bixby but want to use that button for something useful, the Bixby Button Remapper module will help. You can set it to one of 15 different functions, including camera, music player, or screenshot capture.

5. ARCore / Playground Patcher

The Google ARCore augmented reality platform, or Google Play Services for AR as it is officially known, is only compatible with a limited number of devices running Android 7 and above. ARCore / Playground Patcher brings full support for older and unsupported phones.

Once installed, it allows use of the best AR apps on the Play Store. These include travel, art, and shopping experiences, helping to turn your smartphone into a truly futuristic device.

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6. iOS12.1 Emoji

Want to get the latest iOS emojis on Android? The iOS12.1 Emoji Module for Magisk is the fastest and easiest way to do this.

Just install it via the Magisk Manager app, and on reboot you’ll be free of Google emojis. And if you ever want to go back to your original emojis, just uninstall them.

Pay attention to the modules available for the update – the latest characters from newer versions of iOS are added regularly.

Download Module iOS Emojis Magisk

7. Camera2API Enabler

do you know the google camera application? Or maybe you’ve used the application?

You must install the best Magisk module if you want to use the GCAM application on your Android phone. The  Camera2API Enabler module  functions to activate the Camera2API feature on an Android phone. Without activating Camera2API, the GCAM application will not be able to run perfectly on your Android phone.

Download Modul Camera2API Enabler

8. CloudflareDNS4Magisk

There are lots of good reasons to use a third-party DNS service, and many great privacy benefits to using Cloudflare DNS specifically.

There’s an official Cloudflare app, but it sets itself up as a local VPN, which isn’t always convenient. It’s much easier to install the CloudflareDNS4Magisk module. It routes all your mobile data and Wi-Fi traffic through the free Cloudflare service

Download Module Google DNS Magic

9. Xposed

You must be familiar with the Xposed Framework application, especially if you are a true Android operator.

Xposed Framework is the most popular application used to modify Android, the reason it is popular is because there is a huge selection of  Xposed modules  available.

Due to compatibility issues, this Xposed Framework cannot be installed on Android 8 (Oreo) and above. Instead,  EdXposed is  here to solve that problem.

The following is the download link required for EdXposed installation. 1. Riru Core 2. EDXposed Magisk Module 3. EDXP Manager APK

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10. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced  is a popular modded version of YouTube. It contains lots of features like Ad Blocking, Background Playback and many more. Apart from that, this app offers features that you won’t find on the Official Youtube app such as PiP (Picture in Picture) mode and playing videos in the background when the screen is locked. YouTube Vanced Magisk Module  replaces the Official Youtube app with Youtube Vanced.

Download Modul YouTube Vanced Magisk

11. Magisk Module for the Latest Gojek and Grab

You can use this magisk module in gojek and grabs to help you be more comfortable in helping you operate the location and other important things more accurately

Download Gojek and grab modules

12. Magisk 90 Fps Module for Pubg Mobile

This module works by slightly changing the bulid.prop android section so that later the PUBG Game will detect if the smartphone being used is a HighEnd cellphone and will be given the best settings + the opening of the 90fps feature. But still, don’t expect more if the cellphone is a potato, it still runs 60fps even though you choose 90fps

  1. Download Module 90fps PUBG.
  2. Install Module via Magisk Manager atau TWRP.
  3. Reboot System.
  4. Done.
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Final Words

Thus my article about the best magisk module collection in 2022, please choose and download according to your cellphone needs and enjoy the results that will change the performance of your cellphone and the appearance of your cellphone for the better. If you are confused, please comment below, I will be happy to answer it

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