Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1.992 Win/Linux/mac

Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.1.992 Win/Linux/mac


Scientific Toolworks Understand is a static analytics tool for managing, measuring, and analyzing programming abilities. This tool is able to measure many metrics and provide you with clear graphs of different code indices. For example, the number of classes, the number of project files, the number of methods, the number of lines, the empty lines, the comments, the dead codes, the rate of comments on the code, the cyclical complexity and the degree of code tangle, the degree of dependence of the classes together, the percentage of the coincidence of the code , The number of program execution paths, inheritance status, the weight of the methods relative to the class, and many other metrics can be measured.

The information provided with the regular charts and tables gives you a comprehensive overview of the status of the code. For example, the program’s implementation paths, inheritances, and dependencies are plotted with clear graphs, which can be seen by measuring the complexity of the program and its ability to maintain. It also provides you with a variety of comprehensive reports and can easily search millions of high-speed lines of code. There are also various tests to test the software engineering standards in this program that you can use to understand the standard of your codes. This tool was originally designed for Ada but was eventually used for most programming languages. It should be noted that users of the Clicks can integrate this tool with the IDE environment and enjoy the benefits without having to leave the coding environment.

Features and Features of Scientific Toolworks Understand:

Simple graphical environment and easy operation
Possibility to measure various types of metrics in software engineering
Compatible with a variety of programming codes
The ability to quickly search within a large amount of code
Ability to integrate with the Eclipse environment
Draw diagrams and flowcharts from the code
And …

required system

Operating System: Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10


Installation guide

Included in the text file.

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